Awesome shooting with Mike Fernandez

Awesome, plenty of beautiful energy pics made on the Hudston River in New York 😜😎. Next time we'll make more rolls with his Konica 35mm, cause one was not enough. Thxx Mike

(Polski) Pierwszy wywiad w nowojorskim radiu… po polsku!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish.

Pictures of the set of “Intention”

The short science fiction film of Josephine Janneau is currently in postproduction. I am playing the two main characters Elie and Alie.

The Discovery of the Collodion

This amazing and unforgettable photography expérience I got thanks to Sophie Caretta and Philippe Le sourd. The camera was from 1860... See what happened, you won't believe!

Shooting in New York with Pierre Lidar

My meeting with Pierre Lidar was amazing. See the pics he made me by yourself!