What is it to love? To love is to fall to the bottom of each other… To love is to hate each other while holding hands!


How to love ? Two beings: Clara and Jerry meet by chance, love each other by chance but give each other out of passion. Two beings in love with life who vibrate, embrace, destroy each other, dream… a couple with a breathless journey where laughter, bitter irony and a lot of incomprehension mingle.

A couple on a fragile swing, frail skiff, lost in a sparkling and worldly New York.

This tragi-comedy, a new French adaptation of the play “Two for the seesaw” will introduce you to two dazzling actors of tenderness, restrained emotion, creative madness: Elisabeth Duda and Johann Morio in the tradition of the mythical couples who have marked the performances of this piece.

A breath of fresh air in the life of this marvelous piece: “Two for the seesaw”.

Author: William Gibson

Artists: Elisabeth Duda & Johann Morio

Director: Gabriel Szapiro & Marguerite Kloeckner