poems and readings: creativity in quaranteen


(photo © Woytek Konarzewski)

During the quaranteen, some of us were able to do what they never dared to undertake, or finally closed unfinished projects; some others decided to mop in motionless darkness. Briefly said, everyone has his own method. Personnaly speaking, my mother being contamined by the COVID-19, I decided to immerse myself in Literature and Poetry so as not to lose ground or sink into madness, or worse, succumb to fear, because as would say Oscar Wilde “The worst torment is the horrible activity of the imagination”. Taking advantage of my language skills and passion for directing, I revisited French, Polish, English, German and Spanish authors. Let’s go back on these 54 visual creations. There is something for everyone. Do not hesitate to send me your comments.


VIDEO 1: extract of “The Plague”, Albert CAMUS

VIDEO 2: “Le ciel est par-dessus le toit”, Paul VERLAINE

VIDEO 3: “Kot w pustym mieszkaniu”, Wisława SZYMBORSKA

VIDEO 4: “Al Borde”, Gloria FUERTES

VIDEO 5: “Demain, dès l’aube”, Victor HUGO

VIDEO 6: “Die Lorelei”, Heinrich HEINE

VIDEO 7: “L’invitation au voyage”, Charles BAUDELAIRE

VIDEO 8: “As Adam early in the morning”, Walt WHITMAN

VIDEO 10: „You will never know”, Marguerite YOURCENAR

VIDEO 11: „Invictus”, William Ernest HENLEY

VIDEO 12: „The Foot, Albert MÉRAT

VIDEO 13: “Die for Love”, Agnieszka OSIECKA

VIDEO 14: “Linving school”, Jacques PRÉVERT

VIDEO 15: “W malinowym chruśniaku”, Bolesław LEŚMIAN

VIDEO 16: “Le chêne et le roseau”, Jean de LA FONTAINE

VIDEO 17: “Kitty”, E. E. CUMMINGS

VIDEO 18: “The wound was healed”, Uri ORLEV

VIDEO 19: “Evening Harmony”, Charles BAUDELAIRE

VIDEO 20: “The Beef Minister”, Ignacy KRASICKI

VIDEO 21: “Easter Pray”

VIDEO 22: Śmingus Dingus

VIDEO 23: “Elsa’s eyes”, Louis ARAGON

VIDEO 24: “The Tour”, Anna OKULEWICZ

VIDEO 25: “Le Dormeur du Val, Arthur RIMBAUD

VIDEO 26: “Tren VIII”, Jan Kochanowski

VIDEO 27: “Myosotis”, Alphonse de LAMARTINE

VIDEO 28: “The Ladybug”, Victor HUGO

VIDEO 29: “O smierci bez przesady”, Wisława SZYMBROSKA

VIDEO 30: “Quand je suis à vos pieds”, Albert SAMAIN

VIDEO 31: “The Walls”, Raymond QUENEAU

VIDEO 32: “The Longing”, Adam ASNYK

VIDEO 33: “Green”, Paul VERLAINE

VIDEO 34: “To Marc Aurelus”, Zbigniew HERBERT

VIDEO 35: “Projection”, Henri MICHAUX (version 1)

VIDEO 36: “Urszula Kochanowska”, Bolesław LEŚMIAN

VIDEO 37: “The Wisteria”, Edmond ROSTAND

VIDEO 38: “Przesłanie Pana Cogito”, Zbigniew HERBERT

VIDEO 39: “It’s raining in my heart”, Paul VERLAINE

VIDEO 40: “Lilly of the valley”, Maurice CARÊME

VIDEO 41: “Your friend”, Khalil GIBRAN

VIDEO 42: “Lilly of the valley”, Michèle CORTI

VIDEO 43: “Lilly of the valley of May”, Antoine SPINELLI

VIDEO 44: “Projection”, Henri MICHAUX (version 2)

VIDEO 45: “U wrót doliny”, Zbigniew HERBERT

VIDEO 46: “Automn Impressions”, Frédéric CHAUVEAU

VIDEO 47: “The Locomotive”, Julian TUWIM

VIDEO 48: “A celle qui est trop gaie”, Charles BAUDELAIRE

VIDEO49: “The Winter”, Tymoteusz Żółtek

VIDEO 50: “Przy winie”, Wisława SZYMBORSKA

VIDEO 51: “Liberty”, Anna OKULEWICZ

VIDEO 52: “The Samaritaine”, Karol WOJTYŁA

VIDEO 53: “Mysterium Mihi”, Karol WOJTYŁA

VIDEO 54: “The Glasses”, Julian TUWIM