Madame Curie’s Paris

The Marie Curie’s Museum od Warsaw presents a series of 10 summer films “Marie Curie’s Paris”, in which the actress of the role of the Double Nobel Prize winner (in Krzysztof Rogulski’s documentary “In the footsteps of Marie Curie”) shows places in the french capital associated with the famous scientist. By the way, Elisabeth gave us a few microl-lessons of French, which are aimed at admirers of our Nobel Prize winner. We will learn, among others how to correctly pronounce the names of places and names of people associated to Madame Curie.

Part 1: Madame Curie’s wedding in Sceaux


Part 2: The Pantheon


Part 3: The Polish Library


Part 4: The Curie Muzeum’s Garden


Part 5: Gare du Nord Train station


Part 6: The Sorbonne University

Part 7: Marie Curie’s driver’ story


Part 8: 42 Lhommond Street


Part 9: Pierre Curie’s Death


Part 10: Women in Madame Curie’s life