Souvenirs from the shooting of VIVA LA BELLA

At the whole begining of March 2020, just before the Coronavirus Pandemia, I was pretty lucky to play the main role in a short movie, directed by VIGGIE called VIVA LA BELLA. We shot it in the beautiful city of Nice, in the south of France with a great team. I played next to Alice Raucoules a quite strange lady…. The movie’s in edition and about to become a great one! Check the pics, Dude! Fingers crossed…



Viggie – Director, Christophe Legal – DOP, Romane Jammes – first DOP assistant, Chloé Reymond – second DOP assistant, Fiona Trotzier-  first director’s assistant, Laura Pétoin – Scripte, Robin Benisri – sound chief operator, David Argi – Perchman, Jonathan Chaude Woodman – Eletricity chief, Louis Leca – Électricien, Lionel Alletru and Romain Merlot – Chefs machiniste, Christophe Riso – Régisseur général, Grégory Somaria – Régisseur adjoint, Hugo Gesta – assistant régisseur, Marie-José Petit – the cooker!, Franck Guerrach and Stéphane – boats pilots, Walter Dronecast drone Pilote, with Marie Gagliolo, Marine, Noémie, Cécilia, Stéphanie, Robert, Benjamin, Gilles, Patrick, Raymond, Denise, Bernard, Thierry, musicians and dancers of the band NICE LA BELLE, Sylvie Dutheil The Nice Lady with the coat, Valérie Cecchini, Poupette et Lilou Niçoise and her two dogs, Fabio Prieto Bonilla the i-Tech Runner