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Madame Curie’s Paris

The Marie Curie’s Museum od Warsaw presents a series of 10 summer films “Marie Curie’s Paris”, in which the actress of the role of the Double Nobel Prize winner (in Krzysztof Rogulski’s documentary “In the footsteps of Marie Curie”) shows places in the french capital associated with the famous scientist. By the way, Elisabeth gave […]

photo shoot with Woytek Konarzewski

WOYTEK KONARZEWSKI is a fantastic photographer, who came from Poland and lives in Paris. He became my friend after 3 differents photo shots. His style is always fresh and professional. Here’s a summery: [layerslider id=”12″]

poems and readings: creativity in quaranteen

(photo © Woytek Konarzewski) During the quaranteen, some of us were able to do what they never dared to undertake, or finally closed unfinished projects; some others decided to mop in motionless darkness. Briefly said, everyone has his own method. Personnaly speaking, my mother being contamined by the COVID-19, I decided to immerse myself in […]

Shooting pics with Michal Batory

MICHAŁ BATORY is first of all a friend of mine. But he is actually one of the most important creator of posters in the world. One day I discover his work as a photographer in his parisian atelier. I wondered secretly that one day he would invite me to pose. He did it last week. […]

Souvenirs from the shooting of VIVA LA BELLA

At the whole begining of March 2020, just before the Coronavirus Pandemia, I was pretty lucky to play the main role in a short movie, directed by VIGGIE called VIVA LA BELLA. We shot it in the beautiful city of Nice, in the south of France with a great team. I played next to Alice […]

Awesome shooting with Mike Fernandez

Awesome, plenty of beautiful energy pics made on the Hudston River in New York 😜😎. Next time we’ll make more rolls with his Konica 35mm, cause one was not enough. Thxx Mike