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Madame Curie’s Paris

Le Musée Marie Curie de Varsovie vous invite à une série de 10 films estivaux intitulés “Le Paris de Marie”, dans laquelle Elisabeth Duda, qui a incarné le double prix Nobel (dans le documentaire de Krzysztof Rogulski “Dans les pas de Marie Curie”) revisite les lieux de la capitale française et au-delà, associés à la […]

photo shoot with Woytek Konarzewski

WOYTEK KONARZEWSKI is a fantastic photographer, who came from Poland and lives in Paris. He became my friend after 3 differents photo shots. His style is always fresh and professional. Here’s a summery: [layerslider id=”12″]


poems and readings: creativity in quaranteen

(photo © Woytek Konarzewski) During the quaranteen, some of us were able to do what they never dared to undertake, or finally closed unfinished projects; some others decided to mop in motionless darkness. Briefly said, everyone has his own method. Personnaly speaking, my mother being contamined by the COVID-19, I decided to immerse myself in […]

Shooting pics with Michal Batory

MICHAŁ BATORY is first of all a friend of mine. But he is actually one of the most important creator of posters in the world. One day I discover his work as a photographer in his parisian atelier. I wondered secretly that one day he would invite me to pose. He did it last week. […]

Souvenirs from the shooting of VIVA LA BELLA

At the whole begining of March 2020, just before the Coronavirus Pandemia, I was pretty lucky to play the main role in a short movie, directed by VIGGIE called VIVA LA BELLA. We shot it in the beautiful city of Nice, in the south of France with a great team. I played next to Alice […]